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With his new album 'Freshta', Mark Lotz confirms his reputation as a composer and improviser who always comes up with world-class jazz music. Music that also reflects a social focus. The album title is in memory of Freshta Kohistani, an Afghan women's rights activist and a campaigner for democracy.
All pieces on Frestha refer to female activists, often from the region of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, but also Africa. Mark Lotz has put together a new ensemble, “a dream team of top European musicians,” he says proudly after bringing Claudio Puntin, Dirk-Peter Kölsch, Jeroen van Vliet and Jörg Brinkmann. The outcome is music with both groove and depth, connecting modern jazz with modern classical chamber sound and instrumentation.

YEAR 2023
EAN 978-90-833214-1-7

Mark Lotz – Freshta (CD)
€ 18.00